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Welcome friends to your post CA Course in Pakistan 2022. Today's CA Course in Pakistan 2022 information will be very helpful to you. Because today I will tell you about CA Course. If you are interested in learning. So this is going to be a good course for you. I will give you complete information about it.

Total Fees of CA Course in Pakistan 2022 | CA  Course Complete all Information

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Total Fees of CA Course in Pakistan 2022

This is a lesson from friends that has a very important place in Pakistan. CA Course in Pakistan 2022 is placed in top class in Pakistan. If you take the CA Course. So you will be very lucky. Because those who complete the course often get a job. The starting salary is also very high.

Every year thousands of students start studying at CA Course. There are CA Course teaching centers in major cities of the country. It takes five and a half years to complete the CA Course.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. The main office is in Karachi. Some of its offices are located in various cities in Pakistan. Get Full Information on Doing CA in Pakistan.
CA Course Admission Criteria.

If friends want to enroll in CA Course. There is therefore no NT test. Any student can start a CA Course. Any student can apply for a CA Course. Whether he did it through Inter science or FA. But in order to do CA Course, a student must have 50% marks at Inter. There is no edge limit.

Total Fees of CA Course in Pakistan 2022

CA Course levels
The CA courses are four levels. Once you have completed CA Course in Pakistan 2022 these levels, your CA course is completed.

Level 1
Subject Name: Assessment od Basic Competencies (AFC)

Pages: 4

Exam Period: March, June, September, December

Level 2
Academic Name: Accounting and Financial Accounting Certificate

Papers: 9

Exam Period: March, December

Level 3
Academic Name: Certified Finance & Accounting Professional (CFAP)

Papers: 6

Test period: After 1.5 years of article ship

Level 4
Subject Name: Multidisciplinary Assessment (MSA)

Pages: 2

Test Time: After the Complete Article ship

CA Course Scope

Friends who completed CA studies. They find jobs easily in different places. This is where the job comes from. I mentioned in the photo. You can watch from here.

Cost / Fee for CA Course
Your CA graduation fee is about $ 8 million. He spends 8 million in five and a half years. Complete your CA studies at your own expense. You can reap many benefits if you take this course. As long as you complete this tutorial. You start to get jobs. Usually most of these offers are made by your educational institution.

Best Institute for CA in Pakistan 2022

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How much money is needed for CA in Pakistan?
The CA primarily consists of four sections and each has several mandatory papers to be cleared in order to obtain a CA degree.

Chartered Accountant CA Financial Institution.
  1. No PKR Fee
  2. 1 Annual Registration Fee PKR 2000 / -
  3. 2 Student registration only PKR 17,500 / -
  4. 3 Registration as a trial coach PKR 22,700 / -
  5. 4 Student transfer fee PKR 16,000 / -

How long has CA study in Pakistan?
The ICAP course includes a combination of theater education and practical training (3.5 years) that lasts approximately 6 years and equips the student with the knowledge, skills, abilities and other qualities required of a qualified accountant.

Which city is ready to study CA in Pakistan?
  1. The best CA center in Pakistan
  2. Lahore.
  3. Islamabad.
  4. Peshawar.
  5. Sialkot.

Is there any entry test for CA in Pakistan 2022

What are the key lessons for CA in Pakistan?
  1. Currency Information CA - Pakistan
  2. SBM code title payment (Rs)
  3. CAF-2 Tax Regulations 17,000
  4. CAF-3 Cost and Management Accounting 17,000
  5. CAF-4 Business Law 17,000
  6. Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF) Group B

What are the total costs of a CA?
The total tuition fee is INR 1.9lakhs. For complete information on CA tuition fees, details, and CA financial structure, read more.
  1. CA Foundation Registration Fees in India.
  2. Total amount Establishment of CA-Foundation
  3. CA-Foundation Indian Student Foreign Student
  4. Total Cost of CA-Foundation ₹ $ 9,800 $ 780

What is the pass percentage of the CA?
CA Final Pass Percentage 2021 - ICAI RELEASES Final Percentage of CA for Session July 2021. The total pass rate for both teams is 11.97% (new study) and 1.57% (old study).

How much does a CA cost in Pakistan?
  1. CA payment structure
  2. Description Money
  3. Annual Registration Fee Rs. 2000 (year)
  4. Paper Money (test fee) In the first two modules of CA: Basic Skills Assessment (AFC) Certificate Accounting And Finance (CAF) Paper 1 = Rs. 5600 2 Papers = Rs. 9800 3 Papers = Rs. 14000 4 Papers = Rs. 18200

How long does a CA study take?
It is only after qualifying for all three levels that the candidate will be named CA. ICAI is the official body responsible for regulating and maintaining the function of chartered accountancy in India. Chartered Accountancy courses are completed in about five years.
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